how to get gems COC and dollars in android

Getting Gems Coc free and
Can money via android

This time budiman11 will discuss about how can gems coc / free money via android possible between Kalin some intend to buy gems but do not have accounts, and that was certainly an expensive toll could pass 2x the price and if we cut down trees so long accumulation

Terlau not get us pretty hard at it alone and most importantly Patient

Let us refer to the way “to get free gems

First download the application first whiff through the Play Store
or click this link

After you download and install whiff on your android device, please log in there you use the ID and password of your facebook

Once logged in, will be required to include some invite code, code that will be in use can use this Code: AF47480


Once you enter the code in atasanda will get the money for $ 0.30 but if you do not enter code AF47480 you will not get $ 0.30 so your money is still 0.0 $

Dipremium pick an application that needs to be downloaded and you play every day to earn money dollars. You just open the application about 2-4 minutes there any application info below there is the duration of the application and can next be seen dibah application info that will be downloaded
And you will get additional rewards if you do not uninstall the application for the duration of which is determined
In addition to premium picks, downloaded applications in whiff Picks for mendapatan Dollars.

Invite To Share and Earn!

Please invite to share and earn your friends to earn money dollars, you are only limited to invite as many as 50 people a day.

other Pick


nah you can also download an application from the fourth
to earn dollars

well if the money already collected $ 10.0 you can buy gems in a way to redeem $ 10.0 with

Google Play Gift and you will get a code to buy gems
see the picture below


then fill with dollars that will be issued a minimum of 10.0 dollars if it has to wait until 1-3 days you can buy a new gems coc application through direct and live input the code that has been in the exchange.

if you want to take home the money you just input the money to paypal account and the account after up to paypal money please find the tutor on google to make it more clear

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